Monday, May 28, 2012

Jenni and David. The Beginning.

This past weekend I was lucky enough to share in the nuptials of my lovely cousin Jenni and her long time boyfriend David. This was a wedding that I had been looking forward to for a long time not only because most of my family would be in town to celebrate, but also because this is a couple that is going to make it. This is one of those couples that fits like a puzzle with all of their curves and colors perfectly aligning. You feel it when you're with them through their quiet demeanors, their simple humor and most of all through the friendship they have with each other. Brandon and I are so lucky to be there as they start this new life together, but also lucky to have shared so many memories already. I fondly remember putting sparkle pink eye shadow on Jenni as an 8 year old (and the subsequent scolding from her dad), I remember sneaking her through the back door of a club when she was 20 and I remember the confusion and excitement as she figured out which college she would go to. I even remember telling Jen that her and her college sweetheart would never make it, but I am happy to admit I was so wrong about that! In a nutshell, the wedding was a culmination of years of anticipation and memories, and one that will hold a special place in my heart forever.

The day started a bit drizzly, but in true Seattle style the sun shone when it was the most important. Jenni walked down the aisle to blue skies in a blush Vera Wang gown that complimented her pale skin beautifully. David waited for her in a grey suit under an arch of pale pink and white flowers. The scene was so beautiful and the tears were readily flowing. The first thing I thought when seeing the setup was that it was SO them, which proved to be true for the rest of the evening as well. They put so much thought into the details, and as an event planner I ate up every single one. The centerpieces were made up of antique books and old mason jars full of the same beautiful pale flowers. The room was flowing with these antique touches as well as numerous old photos of family and friends. The wedding party entered the reception to loud music and some killer dunks in a mini-basketball hoop. This combination of romanticism and goofiness was amazing and so relevant. Whenever I plan a wedding I tell the couple to think about the way they want it to feel. Is it glitzy and high energy or is it simple and traditional? The theme of this wedding was simply "David and Jenni" through and through.

I haven't been to a lot of weddings since mine almost 4 years ago so it was an emotional evening for me. I recognized and understood the overwhelming look of love, exhaustion and joy on the brides face as she waited for the ceremony to begin, and the look of admiration and pride on David's face as she walked towards him. I remember those moments all too well from my wedding day, and a few times in the last 4 years I have had to bring myself back to those moments in order to survive a trial my husband and I were confronted with. One part of the wedding that stood out to me the most was during the ceremony when the officiant asked for every guest to agree verbally to support Jenni and David through their quest as husband and wife. Everyone eagerly stated "we will", and totally meant it. Marriage is not easy and often times it's the support from those that love you and cherish your marriage that will guide you through the dark times. A wedding reminds and reassures even the most veteran of married couples that there is always someone in your corner.

It's not so much that I learned something new on that day, but was instead reminded of something I already knew. Sometimes you have to reflect on the beginning in order to make it to the future, and there are people around who are there to remind you of just what that wonderful beginning looked like. For that, I am grateful.




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  1. What a lovely post and a lovely wedding! Bronson looks so handsome in his mini suit!